Imagine a world where diversity is not just seen but felt. As a practitioner, I don’t just talk about change; I embody it. My approach is immersive, my solutions are bespoke, and my commitment is unwavering. Together, we’ll navigate the nuances of your organization not only to identify but solve the challenges that stand in the way of true inclusion.


In every word, Torin Ellis carries the soul of his mission—to foster an environment where diversity is not just seen, but felt. As a seasoned speaker, Torin captivates audiences with narratives that drive change, ignite creativity, and inspire action. His voice echoes the depth of his expertise, leaving an indelible impact that turns insights into outcomes through a frequency of HUMANITY.


Torin Ellis is a practitioner who doesn’t just perceive challenges—he shifts and socializes them into avenues of innovation. Working with a spectrum of organizations, Torin tailors solutions that resonate, crafting an inclusive culture where diversity thrives and business performance soars. Engage with Torin and unveil the transformative power of true inclusivity within your leadership and teams.


Bridging vision with action, Torin Ellis crafts bespoke human capital solutions that transcend conventional diversity and inclusion. With a nuanced approach that aligns talent strategy with your business’ heartbeat. Torin ensures that your organization’s growth is intrinsically connected to a vibrant, inclusive culture. Embrace comprehensive DEIBAJ strategies that are not only about meeting targets but nurturing the core of your enterprise.

Process Overview


A thorough assessment to unearth growth opportunities.


Tailoring actionable plans that resonate with your unique culture.


Creating step-by-step guides to implement sustainable D&I initiatives.

Monitoring & Reporting

Measuring progress with transparency and adjusting strategies for continuous improvement.


Join me on the journey to inclusivity at one of my upcoming events. Experience the transformative power of shared knowledge and collective action.
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July 2022, Knebworth, UK

3000 Attendees + outdoor
Conversation regarding the pursuit of equity and representation within the sourcing and onboarding process.
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HR Transform

March 2022, Las Vegas, USA

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Cielo Leadership Summit

October, 2022

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